Taxitronic technology

Taxitronic technology, Taximés with Taxitronic technology to offer the best taxi service in Barcelona.


At Taximés we are committed to the best technology of the moment to always offer the best taxi service to our customers and taxi drivers.

The management of any taxi company, today, undoubtedly involves equipping a state-of-the-art technological system.

Taximes has the fleet management system of the TAXITRONIC brand, a world leading Catalan company in the manufacture of equipment and management software for taxis.

Present throughout the world, this technology is currently the most reliable taxi fleet management system, proven by the taxi drivers and centers that use it.

Taxitronic - cloud technology


cloud system

Taxitronic's cloud system allows us to have operators anywhere.



It allows us to have all our vehicles geolocated at all times.


24/7 Online

Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

with the best technology


Based on geo-positioning (GPS) and data transmission, when a customer calls our center, the operator enters all the details of the requested service into the system using a computer, with all the customization options that the customer may require. To send the taxi, the system searches by GPS for the closest vehicle to the client that meets the requested requirements, and transmits all the requirements to the taxi terminal. The taxi driver identifies the service and quickly goes to make the collection and complete the service as the customer wants.


All technology is always in constant evolution, with Taxitronic, we always have permanent updates to keep the system at the forefront of the sector, it is always aimed at optimizing the management of taxis and that customers receive their service in the shortest possible time, being able to access, if desired, constant information on the status of the service.
Furthermore, the latest innovations allow you to request a taxi by various telematic means (smartphone, tablet, internet...) that further simplify the action of requesting a taxi at the door.


TAXIMÉS, always with the support and collaboration of TAXITRONIC, offers its customers the latest technology and brings them closer to the future of the taxi.
Our system is always in continuous evolution so that all our taxis can offer a more efficient and quality taxi service in Barcelona.

In addition, it allows us to provide our clients with a wide variety of options to request a taxi service, with the maximum guarantee and quality 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


All our taxis incorporate the best Taxitronic technology to facilitate better optimization in the management of your business.