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    With Taximés we offer you an experience in your Barcelona taxi transfers to any destination with the highest quality, comfort and safety.

    At Taximés we want to offer more

    Why trust Taximés?

    Our main function is the transport of people. We are aware that our organization is perceived in this way by the population and we must provide a service with the maximum guarantees of quality and safety. Of course, our vehicle is our work tool and also a reflection of the company we work for and the environment in which we work. For this reason, we will keep it in unbeatable conditions for the attention of users, with the commitment to continuous improvement. We always work with honesty and trustworthiness and continuously improve.

    However, at Taximés we want to offer more. That is why we are constantly working to improve our service. But we are not satisfied with that. We also seek to provide our customers with extra added value. We want that when they travel in one of our taxis they experience something more than a simple journey. That is why we serve customers in a personalized way. First solving all your doubts and service needs, to later attend to all requests, both at the time and for advance reservations.

    We also have the Taximés application to book a taxi from a smartphone Android o iOS in just two clicks. Thanks to the GPS positioning of the vehicle you will know at all times where your Taxi is.